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Scarlett-Collage [Feb. 1st, 2009|08:41 pm]
Scarlett Pomers Community



I'm a new member of this community. I'm a fan of Scarlett since I saw pics of her as an adult on MySpace. I think, she's  so beautiful....and then I found out that she's the little girl, the only child on "Voyager", that she also makes terrific music and is still on her career as an acrress, too. What a great woman she is, I realized when I saw her talking about her eating disorder...how she overcame that and re-organized her life. Thumbs up to her!!!
As for myself, I'm a long-time Star Trek fan since more than 35 years and an avid Leonardo DiCaprio fan  since 11 years (My love forever *sigh*)
It's sad that nobody posted here in ages. Anyway, I found some great HQ pics of Scarlett on the net and made a collage. Hope you like it!
Greetings from Germany to ye all!